Boma Grow USA Community

Boma is a decentralized network of people and groups around the world creating transformational learning experiences in order to work toward the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The Boma Grow USA community supports and is working toward a healthier, regenerative food and farming system for everyone. We are working to help reach one or more of the United Nations SDG’s. The Boma Grow community is made up of those working in food and farming in some way, as well as consumers interested in a more sustainable world for all.

The focus of Boma Grow USA and all Circles (see below) for the foreseeable future will revolve around the intersection and impact of food and farming on COVID-19 as well as the impending approach of climate change.

Boma Grow USA Circles

For those interested in connecting more closely with Boma Grow USA, we offer you the opportunity to create a Boma Grow USA Circle.

Boma Grow USA Circles are smaller, action-oriented, on-the-ground groups that host weekly or monthly gatherings to identify promising innovations, passionate entrepreneurs, and actionable ideas within regenerative food and farming — uniting all three to scale environmental solutions and work towards meeting the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. Circles are also focused on helping solve challenges with food as it relates to COVID-19.

The Boma Grow USA Circles are overseen by Boma Grow USA. They work within the agri sector toward the common goal of healthy, safe, fair food and farming. Circles will coordinate their efforts and focus around themes presented by Boma Grow USA.

Existing organizations and groups are welcome to organize circles in their community. Each circle retains its own identity and is also able to link in with the bigger, national Boma Grow USA entity. This creates opportunities to connect, share resources, and promote each other’s work – all in an effort to create a stronger food movement that creates healthy, lasting change for everyone.

The Boma Community is an open, collaborative network for individuals and students who are interested in identifying local innovations, bridging opposing points of view, and driving change. We are building this open-source platform so you can connect with others, share your impact and successes, and scale solutions that work.

If you would like to apply to host a Circle, please fill out the Circle form and check “Other” in the type of Boma Circle event section. Write in that you would like to host a Boma Grow USA Circle and we will get back to you with more information.

Boma Global Circles

Boma Global has circles starting all around the globe, covering all types of innovation and action. You can find out more about circles in general in the community section on the Global site.