What is Boma Grow USA?

Boma Grow USA is a connection, collaboration, and event platform focused on the agri-sector, specifically on building a regenerative food and farming system that focuses on healthy whole food for everyone.

What is Boma?

Boma is a global network of local partners offering transformational learning experiences (summits, executive programmes, workshops, etc.) so that, in a world of dramatic and continuous change, we can be more intentional and intelligent about the future.

Origin of the word “Boma”

The roots of the word “Boma” date back to Africa — the cradle of humankind — and lie in the languages spoken in the African Great Lakes. The Boma was a circular enclosure for the community and elders to gather, normally built out of branches. It was a sacred space for community gatherings and meaningful discussions to be had, a space where decisions were made, and actions were taken.

Our Principles



We’re heading into a future with no simple answers. Technology, for example, has brought about extraordinary progress, but it has also created unprecedented challenges. We need to accept these complexities fearlessly if we want to make a better future for everyone.



We’re not just thinking about how to increase ROI over the next two or three quarters. We’re thinking about how our wider society is changing over the next 5-10-20 years and beyond, and how we can develop and fit into new models and frameworks.



We embrace new evidence and are willing to challenge our own status quo. We aren’t inflexible champions of technology, and we aren’t attached to a particular model of society.



Our events and programs welcome people from all sectors of society, and we work hard to make them accessible to a broad range of people.



While nobody knows what the future holds, our work is evidence-based and defensible.



We don’t offer a one-size-fits-all solution. We bring expertise from all over the world and offer it in service of local expertise and contextual wisdom.



We don’t just deliver talkfests. All our events and programs are designed for participants to generate tangible results.


Our History

As the founder of TEDxManhattan “Changing the Way We Eat”, Diane Hatz brought a new, global dimension to the U.S. food movement. TEDxManhattan, along with her nonprofit Change Food, worked to raise awareness and inspire change toward a healthier, more regenerative food system.

In early 2020, Hatz and Stein reconnected to form Boma Grow USA, a connection, collaboration and event platform focused on regenerative food and farming for everyone. As the global pandemic continues, Hatz is reenvisioning the concept of an event and creating powerful new ways of connecting with others and creating change.

Change Food is the nonprofit lead partner for Boma Grow USA. A portion of proceeds from Boma Grow USA will be donated to its work and its latest program “Plant Eat Share,” an effort to plant fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts and grains in public places for anyone to eat. For free.

Boma Grow USA Team

Diane Hatz

Diane Hatz is a social entrepreneur and creative changemaker working to build a more healthful, sustainable, equitable world, with a focus on food and farming. 


Brendan Van Meter

Boma Global History

The Chairman and Founder of Boma Global, Lara Stein, created the TEDx program at TED, and grew it into a global movement with more than 15,000 events and more than 1 billion video views.

Through her work with TEDx, Lara learned the innovation power of local communities, and how to harness this power. She also learned how to build a massive volunteer network and how to sustain it long term. After leaving TED, she joined Singularity University, to build a decentralized network of country partners and take them global.

Now, she has joined forces with dozens of country, corporate and community partners with an intimate understanding and appreciation of the power of large-scale, decentralized networks.

Together they’re creating new global network that supports business leaders, politicians, educators, entrepreneurs, young people and grassroots organizers to navigate our rapidly changing world, helping create a better, more sustainable and human centered future for us all.

Boma NZ Agri Summit - 10th April 2019

Boma Global Founding Team

Kaila Colbin

Lara Stein

Michel Lévy-Provencal

Stephan Balzer